• Bags for hot food products
Bags are made from metallised film.
  • Bags for thermotunnels
Made from LDPE. This material is characterized by elasticity and resilience in a wide temperature range. Bags, witch made from LDPE, torn not even in fast freezing equipment, where temperature is up to -30 º C.
  • Nonstandard bags
We manufacture a variety of bags for different packaging solutions.
The maximum possible size in millimeters (width x height):
• cross cutting: 999 x 750, up to150 μm thickness;
• longitudinal cutting: 1800 x 3500, up to 200 μm thickness;
The bags can be in packets, rolled without core or on the nozzle, from 5 to several thousand units.
  • Bags for tires
Made from HDPE. According to customer's request we can make various dimentions and thickness bags. Bags are packed in packets or wound to the rolls on nozzle.
Can be with press with servise logo or etc.

  • Signal bands - "STOP", "CABLE" and others
  • Pallete cowers
HDPE or LDPE sheets are used for to protect cargo from enviromental factor.