For meat and milk products

For meat and milk industry we can offer:

  • Bags for frozen food packaging – for meat, cheese, butter or etc.
Bags for frozen products made from low density polyethylene (LDPE). This material is characterized by elasticity and resilience in a wide temperature range. Bags, witch made from LDPE, torn not even in fast freezing equipment, where temperature is up to -30 º C.
The bags can be produced clear, in different colors, with a design or logo.
  • Bags for poultry
Made from LDPE film, therefore there are suitable for freezing. Bags can be round bottomed and tied together.
Bags can be with designs.

  • Bags for vacuum packaging
For vacuum bags we can offer bags, whitch have 3 wide seams on sides, can be clear or printed on surface or between layers.

  • Bags for flesh
Large size bags from HDPE are used to protect parts of slaughter animals from enviromental factors.
Bags are packed in packets or rolled up on cores.

  • Inserts for boxes
Made from HDPE. Depending on the sizes of the boxes it is selected dimensions of bags. According to customer's request it can be made various sizes and thicknesses inserts. If necessary can be the ventilation holes, witch allow air to escape for easier packing. Bags can be wound onto the nozzle.
  • Promotional bags
T-shirt shaped bags and bags with crossed handle can be in different colors with design or without.
  • Garbage bags